Non-Metal Iron Maiden Covers

YouTube: naddani: Wasted Years (Iron Maiden) – Acoustic cover:

YouTube: Thomas Zwijsen: Classical/Acoustic: Iron Maiden acoustic – Wasted Years:

YouTube: JonathanHarpa: Iron Maiden in harp and guitar – Hallowed be thy name:

YouTube: vkgoeswild: Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills – piano cover:

YouTube: WonkyFonk: Iron Maiden – Hallowed Be Thy Name (acoustic):

YouTube: ThomasZwijsen2007: Bruce Dickinson – Tears Of The Dragon (Acoustic):

YouTube: Jcronk: Folkified Hallowed Be Thy Name:

YouTube: hampusvh2: Iron Maiden – The Trooper (Piano):


Metafilter: “Thomas Zwijsen performs Nylon Maiden”

Happy 40th Metal

NPR: Lordy, Lordy, Metal Is 40: Happy Birthday, ‘Black Sabbath’

Here is a bonus link, Viktoriya Yermolyeva covering Pantera’s cover of Planet Caravan, on piano:

YouTube: Black Sabbath/Pantera – Planet Caravan – piano cover [HD] (vers.2):

I Believe In Miracles Cover-a-rama

My last band used to cover “I Believe In Miracles” by the Ramones, influenced by Peal Jam’s cover. This morning I find myself messing around with it on my old acoustic, first time I’ve had the opportunity to play in quite a while.

Here are some versions of “I Believe In Miracles” I found surfing YouTube.

YouTube: Pearl Jam I Believe in Miracles Live:

YouTube: Pearl Jam – I Believe in Miracles (slow version) (Seattle ’03)

YouTube: Ania_Ughr – I Believe In Miracles (The Ramones Cover):

YouTube: Represion + IVA – I Believe In Miracles / Cover Ramones:

And of course, the original!

YouTube: I Believe In Miracles – The Ramones:

Great cover of Love Song

YouTube: Tesla – love song cover

One of my favorite songs, last night found this while re-teaching myself what I’ve forgotten (and that’s quite a bit).

Love will find a way.