College Education Link Dump for Friday, April 3, 2009

NYTimes: Finding Hope Online, and Hoping a Job Follows – the story of Raymond Vaughn, out of work window installer, and his foray into online education in hopes to build a new career.

Salon: Gated communities of learning – the cost of higher education keeps rising, at time where it is increasingly an environment.

Ask Slashdot: With a Computer Science Degree, an Old Man At 35? – how should someone a little older than usual get back on track with his or her education? Online and on the money: – online and state colleges are seeing a boom in growth.

Times Online: Harvard’s masters of the apocalypse

The Internet revolution being felt in media, politics, art, will transform the education system over the next few years. Some related links:

Knowledge@Wharton: ‘The Objective of Education Is Learning, Not Teaching’

a vc: Hacking Education

a vc: One Thing You Don’t Need To Be An Entrepreneur: A College Degree

New Scientist: ‘iTunes university’ better than the real thing

correct me if i’m wrong: The Paradox of Self-Education

“People don’t realize that homeless does not mean bum, addict. Homeless means without a home.”

That’s Aislyn Oliver, who , along with her husband, John Washington, recently talked with Daniel Rubin, and shared their inspirational story with and the Inquirer.

The Thinker has passed away

Cinder, Shelley Powers’s favorite chimp at the St. Louis Zoo, passed away, along with her family members, from a cold last week.

Shelley, and all of you that followed their lives at the St. Louis Zoo – my thoughts are with you.