Thanks To Howard Dean

Like Oliver, I’d like to give my thanks to Howard Dean. Thanks for helping the Democrats regain our spine. Thanks for encouraging the development and use of tools to self organize and find one another on the net and in real life. The campaign will be remembered.

Dean is doing the right thing by pledging support to the other Democratic candidates. Now if Nader could just get past his ego…

Boy who was shot at school is dead

Two are held, but others are sought (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Faheem Thomas-Childs, the 10-year-old who had been the focus of hopes and prayers since he was shot in the face Wednesday morning while walking to school, died yesterday of his wounds.

Hope You Had A Great Valentine’s Day

Yes I’m still here! I hope to catch up on my posting later tonight. Till then – I hope you have a good one.

“by age 7, three-quarters had heard gunshots”

A gunfight that took place over two city blocks ended up across a Philadelphia school yard. Children had to run for their lives. 10-year-old Faheem Thomas-Childs (Philadelphia Inquirer) was critically wounded by one of the many stray shots (Philadelphia Inquirer) that could have took the lives of many. A $65,000 reward is being offered in connection with the arrest of these bastards.

Philadelphia can be a hostile place for children (Philadelphia Inquirer). Last Saturday an 8 year old girl was raped and beaten in a public library (Philadelphia Inquirer). That criminal was arrested on Monday.

I’ve heard one too many gunshots ringing out in the middle night myself. Yesterday hundreds bravely stood together against the violence and in support of Faheem, his family, and for others. Please, if you have information, come forward.

All my prayers to Faheem, his family, and the 8 year old girl and her family.

Iowa Activist Update

Looks to me like it was some kind of trial balloon and it there was too much light cast on it for it to proceed. Score one for the First Amendment: Subpoenas against university, antiwar activists dropped (

If it was just a trespassing investigation, why seek the membership records of the National Lawyers Guild?” asked Ben Stone, executive director of the ICLU.

This was all too frightening. People must keep watch.

Sad to See Clark Go

Along with Garret I’d like to offer my thanks to General Clark for his time in the Presidential race. I think his entry had a role in re-energizing the Democratic party and helped some, like myself, believe Bush can be beaten.

This Can’t Be

Many other webloggers are pointing to the news that Iowa university has been ordered to turn over records on activists (Philadelphia Inquirer).

Hopefully there is more to this then being reported.

Around the Political/Activist Web

Dave Winer asked what’s so great about Dick Morris? Well he got fired by President Clinton for getting caught with a prostitute (CNN). And he’s trusted talking about President Clinton why?!?

Are we Slouching toward Big Brother (CNet)? Do you know that a system is about to be tested in Pennsylvania that will group those registering their car with criminals (Philadelphia Inquirer)?

I’m sure you’ve been sent an invitation to join Orkut (Jeremy Zawodny), apoligies, but it makes me feel a little paranoid (The Register).

According to Brad DeLong Bush’s economic policy is losing support of some high profile people.

The Bush Administration’s pretext to go to war in Iraq has collapsed (CBS). Meanwhile our leaders are busy trying to re-write and spin history (CBS). I ask you… is the press giving this or Janet Jackson more coverage? Hmmmmmm…..

And speaking of coverage, Dean has gotten plenty, but Clark has not. And that truely disappoints me.

I’d like to point you to three weblog posts I thought were pretty great this week: Monuments over at Burningbird, Garret giving warning to those Dems beating on Clark and Jeff Javis’s We are not a nation divided… we are a nation undecided. A post that knocked hard against the influence Data Smog has on me.

Philly Future Updates

I’ve selected a new set of featured sites for the following week. I’m planning on having Philly Future use my paradox1x Philly category as it’s own RSS feed with a little MovableType trickery. After all, it should have it’s own feed right?

A feel bad for blogspot hosted weblogs. I know of no way for them to publish RSS. Does anyone know of a RSS solution for them?

I still havn’t gotten around to making the MovableType plugin Atom compatible – but I promise I will. Can’t be too difficult.

Philly Future: It’s Alive!

I have the domain back. Now, thru RSS, Philly Future can fulfill it’s original purpose and much more.

It’s been a long journey, one that started back in December 1999, thanks to EditThisPage, the great Manila hosting service provided by Userland.

Philly Future migrated from EditThisPage because of the duel purposes it served for me; to experiment with weblogging technology and to provide a weblog clearinghouse covering Philly. I still experiment with new weblogging tools and is liable to migrate, at anytime, to something new.

I was hoping to attact a team of webloggers to post regular updates at Philly Future. It never happened. The best want a place to express their own unfettered view. And with events occurring in my life and in the world, I let the domain expire. A porn redirector took the domain name surprisingly.

I have the domain back. Now, thru RSS, Philly Future can fulfill it’s original purpose and much more.

If you have links pointing to the old page, please change them. Also note the new icon for Philly Future.

It’s a new beginning.

Note to some Philly Webloggers: The plugin I am using for RSS feeds seems to be incompatible with Atom. If you are only providing an Atom feed, Philly Future will list you, but can’t display your headlines. I will attempt to modify it’s code to make it do so in short order.