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Dave Winer asked what’s so great about Dick Morris? Well he got fired by President Clinton for getting caught with a prostitute (CNN). And he’s trusted talking about President Clinton why?!?

Are we Slouching toward Big Brother (CNet)? Do you know that a system is about to be tested in Pennsylvania that will group those registering their car with criminals (Philadelphia Inquirer)?

I’m sure you’ve been sent an invitation to join Orkut (Jeremy Zawodny), apoligies, but it makes me feel a little paranoid (The Register).

According to Brad DeLong Bush’s economic policy is losing support of some high profile people.

The Bush Administration’s pretext to go to war in Iraq has collapsed (CBS). Meanwhile our leaders are busy trying to re-write and spin history (CBS). I ask you… is the press giving this or Janet Jackson more coverage? Hmmmmmm…..

And speaking of coverage, Dean has gotten plenty, but Clark has not. And that truely disappoints me.

I’d like to point you to three weblog posts I thought were pretty great this week: Monuments over at Burningbird, Garret giving warning to those Dems beating on Clark and Jeff Javis’s We are not a nation divided… we are a nation undecided. A post that knocked hard against the influence Data Smog has on me.