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These Philadelphia based webloggers are some of the very best and deserve your attention:

  • The Pennsylvania Gazette
  • Slacktivist
  • The Rittenhouse Review
  • Eschaton
  • Scrappleface
  • Speaking of weblogs…

    Livejournal users are taking over the Technorati Top 100.

    Contrast that to what Shelley finds surfing the list.

    Prediction: AOL bloggers will own lists that rely solely on linkage to determine popularity soon.

    Update 7/24/2003: Looks like LiveJournal users are now all over!

    Do What You Love

    In 1960, a researcher interviewed 1500 business-school students and classified them in two categories: those who were in it for the money ? 1245 of them ? and those who were going to use the degree to do something they cared deeply about ? the other 255 people. Twenty years later, the researcher checked on the graduates and found that 101 of them were millionaires ? and all but one of those millionaires came from the 255 people who had pursued what they loved to do!

    Now, you may think that your passion for Icelandic poetry of the baroque period, or butterfly collecting, or golf ? or social justice ? might consign you to a permanent separation between what you love and what you do for a living, but it isn’t necessarily so. Vladimir Nabokov, one of the greatest novelists of this centurey, was far more passionate about butterfly collecting than writing. His first college teaching job, in fact, was in lepidoptery. Research on more than 400,000 Americans over the past 40 years indicates that pursuing your passions ? even in small doses, here and there each day ? helps you make the most of your current capabilities and encourages you to develop new ones.

    From The other 90% by Robert K. Cooper, Three Rivers Press 2001 and quoted directly from Bruce Eckel’s weblog. Looks like a book to buy 🙂

    Creating Email Templates with XML

    Rafe Colburn at OnJava:

    One feature that seems to eventually creep into every web application is the ability to send email. Generally, it’s a very specific kind of email, like a password reminder, welcome message, order confirmation, or receipt. Despite the fact that the content of these emails differs from application to application, the process of sending email rarely changes. You construct a message, give it to the mail server, and it gets delivered.

    The article is a great intro into how to send email utilizing XML templates as a wrapper. Looks like it’s a technique that once you use it – you’ll use it over and over again.

    Congrats Rafe! I’m sure this is the first of many.

    Speaking of getting published, Erik C. Thauvin‘s list of favorite Java webloggers “Eric’s Pulse” is published in Java Developer’s Journal.

    This is the future of online newspapers

    Kieren McCarthy at The Register: The end of universal free news content has finally come:

    The Guardian yesterday announced that it was going to start charging for online services, making it the last UK broadsheet newspaper to install a paid-for element on its website.

    …Simon Waldman, the Guardian director of digital publishing, told us the move was a first step into understanding the market for paid-for content. “When it comes to newspapers on the Web, people want two things,” he told us. “A live up-to-minute extension of the paper, and a replica of the newspaper.”

    You need to read, half-way thru the article, to discover it is only for a few extras and not The Guardian’s articles – which will remain free.

    However, The Register does takes note of the entire UK online newspaper scene, and it will be an eye opener for some. I don’t think so here in America where many, if not most, well known newspapers already charge for some online services.


    Did you know about the JavaGnome project: “a set of Java bindings for the GNOME and GTK libraries that allow GNOME and GTK applications to be written in Java. The project consists of two libraries: java-gtk, a GTK-only binding, and java-gnome, a GTK and GNOME binding. Java-GNOME is not a Swing look-and-feel mimicking the GTK look, it is not a GTK/GNOME rewrite in Java, and it is not a set of GTK peers for AWT. It is a JNI layer that delegates the calls out to the native GTK or GNOME C libraries.”

    Sounds just like SWT.

    An argument is ensuing over at Javalobby. It’s terrible how Javalobby threads are dominated by trolls, trolls and more trolls.

    The EWD archive and Jeremy

    Salon: GOTO considered joyful: “On his proto-blog archive, the words and spirit of the late computer scientist Edsger Dijkstra live on, inspiring new generations of geeks.”

    Direct link to the archive: In Pursuit of Simplicity.

    On the 7th ericalynn posted a tribute to a very close friend who died of an an aneurysm, suddenly, inexplicably. He was about to get married. He had just turned 30. He had just become a father.

    This takes me back to one of the most touching tributes I’ve ever seen on the web: The Life of Jos Claerbout. 25 years old and judging from his site, had an impact on everyone around himself – by being a good soul.

    Even the shortest of lives can leave us with mission and warm heart.

    Who and how we touch one another is what lives on past us.

    Are Rich Clients Taking Off or Tanking?

    An email discussion between O’Reilly editors focusing on Java and Flash on the desktop.

    Here goes a similar discussion thread at

    Bruce Eckel covers the Java vs. .NET question.

    Related: Jeff Jarvis has the big scoop on AOL’s upcoming weblogging toolset.

    Speaking of AOL, according to Jon Udell, they may have helped develop the perfect “universal client” platform – Mozilla. XUL looks very interesting. The growing list of active projects at is an eye opener.