The EWD archive and Jeremy

Salon: GOTO considered joyful: “On his proto-blog archive, the words and spirit of the late computer scientist Edsger Dijkstra live on, inspiring new generations of geeks.”

Direct link to the archive: In Pursuit of Simplicity.

On the 7th ericalynn posted a tribute to a very close friend who died of an an aneurysm, suddenly, inexplicably. He was about to get married. He had just turned 30. He had just become a father.

This takes me back to one of the most touching tributes I’ve ever seen on the web: The Life of Jos Claerbout. 25 years old and judging from his site, had an impact on everyone around himself – by being a good soul.

Even the shortest of lives can leave us with mission and warm heart.

Who and how we touch one another is what lives on past us.

One thought on “The EWD archive and Jeremy

  1. I just noticed this now, and I don’t know how you ever found my site, but I thank you so much for reading it and posting about my tribute to Jeremy.

    I wanted to let you know that I put up a site shortly after his death, as a tribute to him. It contains many, many pictures and stories from his friends and family and people he’s known throughout his short life. It’s located at if you are interested in seeing it.

    Monday, March 1, would have been his 31st birthday.

    with love

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