Hi! I’m posting this from TechGirlz and Comcast’s class at Constitution High !!!

Hello everyone!

I’m here at Constitution High School with a terrific class of students learning WordPress with TechGirlz and Comcast.

Do you floss? All it takes, is to start.

Still my favorite read of the new year and I read it back on January 5th. There is a world of wisdom in this short read.

Lifehacker’s 10 Ways to Teach Yourself to Code

Normally I wouldn’t pass along a list like this, but Lifehacker’s done a decent job listing 10 paths to teach yourself how to code.

Most common job in Pennsylvania – “Truck Driver”

NPR used Census Data to determine what the most common jobs were in each state, from 1978 to 2014. They’ve coupled it with a nifty animation, that highlights the retreat of farming, and the rise of truck driving, and software engineering.

Dan McQuade shares his experience selling One Step Away

Dan McQuade and coworkers from Philadelphia Magazine took part in “One Step Away‘s” “Big Sell Off” event, joining the newspaper’s vendors, who are struggling with homelessness, selling the paper for a day. He shared his experience yesterday at Phillymag.com.

Practical Data Science with Python

@radimrehurek has put together a fantastic intro to Python data manipulation using an iPython notebook that is worthy of bookmarking and keeping as reference as to what you can do quickly with Python.


No matter what you think about Eminent Domain, this sounds wrong

Adam Lang is Philadelphian who has spent years becoming part of a neighborhood, rehabbing his house, investing in the future of his community, is facing a notice that his home is going to get seized for a redevelopment plan. Read his story.

Do you have a personal kanban that you’ve shared?

Jim Benson challenges us with the idea that your Personal Kanban board isn’t just for our own private use, but is something to be shared with your family, and with your team.  How many folks would be comfortable with that level of transparency? There is real value to be uncovered by trying I think.

For more on what a Personal Kanban board is, read Personal Kanban 101 from Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry.

Comcast NBCUniversal Recognized for Youth Mentorship

I’m so happy to be a Big Brother in “Beyond School Walls”, a program of Big Brothers and Big Sisters that Comcast is a major part of.

The program is getting recognized for making a difference. I hope it expands with additional companies and schools taking part, and most of all, I hope I’ve had as positive an impact to my Little as much as he has had to me over these past 2 years.

If you have an interest, I urge you to look into becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister.