Placeblogger launches

Placeblogger, an effort by The Center for Citizen Media, Pressthink, and Lisa William’s H20town launched on New Years. It’s focussed on sharing with you blogs that cover a geographical region. I believe this will grow to be an important service over time. And I gotta admit – it is great to see so many ideas expressed from Philly Future adopted in a national effort. (disclaimer – they might make me an honorary adviser due to influence). Read Pressthink for more.

RawSugar in trouble

RawSugar, a service that has been compared as a competitor, but in actuality had a number of great differentiating features, is in funding trouble. My friend Bill Lazar has some to say about this, as a do a few folks like Steve Rubel.

RawSugar isn’t dead, nor does it deserve to be. One feature it has – the capability to consume and coalesce your personal content streams and tag them – is one that I feel should be adopted by other social media. I was planning to figure out how to leverage it – finally – when the news broke over the holiday. Notice my experimenting with in my right hand menu.

RawSugar, to me, is a victim of two things: 1. A UI that hides the good stuff. It’s front door is little more than a pitch/splash page when it should surface the activity taking place within. 2. A lack of attention in the online press – grassroots and otherwise. No matter what anyone says – there is only so much attention to go around and only a few people who have direct influence over it. Without their attention influence as a help – it takes a groundswell approach – vast numbers of those with lessor influence – helping spread word. It’s possible. But far more difficult. Hence the demand to get noticed by blogs like Techcrunch. Being labeled too easily as a “” competitor – unfairly since it has a host of differentiators – didn’t help either.

I hope they get some funding. In the meantime, Bill is up for some new opportunities.

Two front teeth, and two first steps (well eight in total)!

Emma had a huge New Year’s day. On four separate occasions at her grandparent’s she let go of the furniture she was holding onto and took a few steps! Three times to waiting arms. One time on her own 🙂

I’m back to work today and I got a suspicion she’ll be walking any day now. We gotta get plusher carpeting!

All I Want for Christma… New Years is My Two Front Teeth

Happy New Years everyone!

Looks like Emma’s lower two front teeth are saying hello 🙂

Sorry about deleted comments

There is a spammer who has targeted this blog and I accidentally removed valid comments. Apologies.