Senator Lautenberg Releases Passenger Manifest

Remember those mysterious planes allowed to leave the country right after 9/11? Senator Lautenberg of NJ has released a passenger manifest from one of them!

Download it directly: PDF (right click and Save As…) .

“A dozen things I think I know about working in groups.”

Clay Shirky wrote a piece back in December of 2002 that should be of interest to anyone working as part of a team:

First, the bad news. Working in groups is not like baking a pie — there is no recipe for getting it right every time. Groups are fantastically complex entities, and groups will sometimes fail no matter what you do.

The good news is that there are a number of things you can do to improve the odds of success. The literature is too large to summarize in any comprehensive way, but here are a dozen things I think I know about working in groups that may help you get more out of group work while you are here. Some of them are things you can do to prepare for group work, some of them are things the group can do together at the outset, and some of them are ongoing habits.

They are:

1. Embrace ego.
2. Use the group for having ideas, not just ratifying them.
3. Beware premature optimization.
4. Structure is not tyranny.
5. Decide how to decide.
6. Settle on social software.
7. Get it in writing.
8. Match roles and goals.
9. Talk about the relationship.
10. Accept inequality.
11. There is no substitute for time.
12. Have a drink. You’ve earned it.

Go read the whole thing.

Bow Down Before The One You Serve Ralphie

Nader accepting GOP help.

Contrast and compare to McCain saying no to joining Bush.

Software Engineer? More Than Likely A Metalhead

Microsoft certified professional? You probably are into Britney for her music. I’m not making this up folks. Seems a small survey was done of IT professionals and their musical tastes. Kinda enlightening. Also kinda predictable. Definitely fun though.

Add Linda Ronstadt To The List Including Stern and Whoopi

Change for America has details and a discussion thread.

Question: If those who have access to the media and a ready made audience are punished for speaking up, then how should a normal Joe like me feel?

Links To Make You Think: Sunday Edition

slacktivist talks about the Abominable Shellfish answering the question, “Why some Christians hate gays but love bacon?”.

Read it and then think about President Bush saying, “I trust God speaks through me. Without that, I couldn?t do my job.”.