TiVo – Knocking On The Future’s Door

I gotta get one of these! In any case, TiVo’s recent announcement that you will be able to record over the Internet is a big one. Jason Kottke has some suggestions for them that ring true to me. It’s always about community.

Now Lets Move On

Goodbye President Reagan, may your family have peace. Now it’s time for the nation to refocus on where it is at, instead of where it was.

Reagan dreamed of a nuclear weapons free world and actively pursued it. Bush does the opposite (NYTimes).

Clear Channel gets fined $1.75 million for Howard Stern. More from Jeff Javis.

The country is increasingly polarized. News is being sought after to reinforce existing views, not to widen them.

Remember 2000 in Florida? This time it looks to be worst.

The Future of SysAdmin Positions? Safe!

According to the news link in this Slashdot thread, experienced SysAdmins can look optimistically towards the future.

What is the best web design and development tool ever?

I’d tell ya, but it would spoil the link.

Read it at Evolt.org.

Don’t Get Distracted With The Past While They Screw With The Present And The Future

Kevin Drum, at Washington Monthly, ruminates on the future direction of the Republican Party, by reposting some text from he Texas GOP’s website. It is no less then a return to the policies of the 1920s and earlier. Is this really the GOP or just the Texas GOP?

The Day Reagan Died, Smarty Lost, and My Brother Had His 30th Birthday Party

We gathered in Olney yesterday, at the home of my sister-in-law’s parents, for my brother’s 30th birthday party. A diverse group really. Conversations about current events, Smarty Jones, comics, movies, relationships, went freely. But on this day we were not just Democrats or Republicans – we were Dante’s family and friends, someone we all loved and respected very much.

That afternoon two events would reinforce that unity. When the news was heard over the TV that President Reagan had died, we came around the TV and murmured to each other what he had meant to each of us. Sure there were objections to policies, and there were doubts about the true effect he had on the cold war, but one thing was certain – he was a President that made us feel good about ourselves and the future.

And whatever else history may say about me when I’m gone, I hope it will record that I appealed to your best hopes, not your worst fears, to your confidence rather than your doubts.

President Reagan’s 1992 Convention Speech.

Read that quote again. Think it’s George W. Bush’s hope? A president whose henchmen emphasize our darkest fears and doubts to justify its policies? He will, as Dave Winer says, attempt to use Reagan as his running mate. Let’s hope people’s short memories don’t forget the many speeches and actions that prove just how far from the Reagan message the man is. Then again, it is our faulty memories that raise Reagan’s status in our minds, not simply the facts. Sometimes the way people make us feel leaves more an imprint than what they do.

Read John Kerry’s comments for someone who is far closer to the Reagan message then the current administration.

Remember that ideals are fluid: they can reside in any party or candidate. Which candidate is the candidate of optimism? Which is the candidate of “big government”? Who believes in America more?

Later that evening, a bunch of people who had never seen a horse race, watched Smarty Jones come this close and lose. In true Philadelphia fashion. The worst part of it is, there was a group of us whose dark sense of humor just had to predict the outcome almost exactly. Me included, “watch him lose right at the finish line. We’re cursed when it comes to sports. Forever second best.”. I realize technically that’s not the case (winning two of the three triple crown races), but that’s the way everyone felt. You should have seen everyone’s faces.

It will be a memorable party.

Sun to Open Source Java?

Really? Can this be true (Slashdot)? Considering that I spend most of my time developing using Java, and these days Flash (yes you read that right…), this is great news to me 🙂

Update: Looks like this is very much up in the air….

Good Thing He Resigned

Especially with a report coming out blasting the CIA over Iraq (NYTimes). Prediction 1: Bush ratings climb. Prediction 2: The tell-all book that will get a week of press and get ignored afterwards (just like the rest saddly). Prediction 3: There will be no other resignations or firings. Rumsfeld and Ashcroft must go. There is only one way to do that however: Support John Kerry for President.

The Protest Song Is Back

It’s a belief of mine that great art happens at times of great distress. A sad thing to be sure, but that’s just the way it is. If we are not now in a time of distress, then we never were.

This explains how the CSMonitor can trumpet “The Protest song is back – with a vengeance”.