It Starts With A Link

This aging Gen-Xer is getting involved beyond my vote. Click and contribute folks. The GOP war chest is huge and in order to get out the message – it sadly costs money. Let the money come from you.

I’d like to ask other webloggers to get involved. Click here to get an account so that you can host the button to help. It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s the very least we can do besides our punditry. I hate the influence money has on politics – actually I hate the influence advertising has on the public – it costs major money and that buys influence. Let’s take that back. One site at a time. One audience at at a time. One community at a time. One American at a time.

Thanks to Oliver Willis for the help.

The Real World Runs Away

MTV’s selection of Philadelphia was accompanied by unbridled civic rejoicing when it was announced on Feb. 26. City leaders believed The Real World, with its huge audience of 12- to 34-year-olds, would boost the city’s cool factor and help it retain recent college graduates.

But within four days, Bunim/Murray had incurred the wrath of the city’s unions by hiring a nonunion company to renovate the former Seamen’s Church Institute in Old City, where Real World’s cast was to live.

The series had sidestepped organized labor in 13 previous cities, including union strongholds New York, Chicago, and Boston, without incident.

“Every other production company comes in, sits down and bargains,” said Tony Frasco, vice president of Teamsters Local 107, whose members drive vehicles and unload trucks. “The unions are not out to gouge anybody, but this is a union town.”

…Informed of Bunim/Murray’s pullout, Jeff Zeh, president of the Southeast Pennsylvania chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors Inc., which represents nonunion contractors, said, “What else is new in Philadelphia?

“You saw the list of the cities where they’ve produced their projects, and Philadelphia is the only one where they had a problem,” he said. “It is really is a sad commentary.”

“We ask for fair wages and benefits, and [then they] make a fuss and take their ball and go home – what kind of real world do they represent?” said Gillespie, of the Building Trades Council. “We’ll be called the Neanderthals and the pug uglies because of what we’re trying to do.”

Read the rest at More in The Daily News.

Strike Not On… For Now

A one year deal has been signed (Inquirer) that sidesteps the health care issue for now. Good job on averting the strike. Let’s hope cool heads prevail and a solution is agreed upon before the end of the year.

Major Transportation Strike (SEPTA) Might Hit Philly Tomorrow

400,000 riders maybe stranded as of Monday if SEPTA goes on strike. This will hurt the most vulnerable. Children. Working mothers. The elderly. Those that have the capability to find other transportation will do so and you can bet that many won’t come back when this is over. As was the case with the California grocery strike – it appears the main issue is health care.

The Frankford Terminal Weblog appears to be a weblog maintained by a SEPTA employee and has plenty of related information on the strike. Linked from the FTW is a strike survival guide.

feed on feeds

Following Rafe Colburn’s example, I decided to install feed on feeds and migrate my blogroll management to it (see my links page under Non-Philly Webloggers).

I can foresee changing PhillyFuture to use some version of this software instead of the unholy mix of MovableType plugins I currently do. The end result will be Atom support and easier maintenance. We shall see…

Arrests Made For Spain Bombings

Spain has announced five arrests (Yahoo!).

My prayers to the many who have been hurt by these cowardly bastards.

The Mario Brothers Saga

Just wanted to share with you this fun series:

Mario Brothers Part 1
Mario Brothers Part 2
Mario Brothers Part 3

Live HTTP Headers

A useful plugin for Firefox if you’re doing server side web development.

From the mozdev Extension Room.

Have You Seen Audacity?

I downloaded it last night and am very impressed. Audacity is an open source multi-track recorder that get’s the interface right and makes it easy to start editting music files. Now all I need is a decent open source drum machine that exports to .mp3, .ogg or .wav and away we go 🙂 PC, Linux and Mac.