Something Weblogs Are Great For

For once I’ve read a passionate, thoughtful and non-flame infested discussion amongst diverse individuals, across weblogs. On religion! Whoda thunk it?

In truth, this says more about the webloggers participating then weblogging itself.

Actually, I just used the weblogging angle to get your attention 🙂

Now go enjoy the thought provoking reading (in what I believe to be in order of posting):

Joi Ito: The whole “there is only one God and my God is the best” thing…

Shelley Powers: Shinto Commandments?

Jonathon Delacour: You can put your god over there?

AKMA: On God(s)

Shelley Powers: Forgive them, they know what they do

David Weinberger: AKMA is a Christian

AKMA: On [Other People?s] Gods

Shelley Powers: On Belief

Shelley Powers: Belief and Acceptance