Using Metallica and the Barney

Not only are we using metal to break down prisoner resistence, but Metallica and Barney are being used together. That’s beautiful.

JFK Intern Shows Social Change

WashPost: “Now, of course, it’s so different”. So different someone like JFK is almost unelectable anymore.

Hackers and Painters

Great essay from Paul Graham. The old question… computer programming, is it art or science? Another piece I can point people to who are trying to understand your average computer geek. via


Gary Hart would have helped to make the ’04 race interesting. He’s out now.

Rafe does an analysis of Colin Powell’s speech to the UN and it is an eye opener. via dangerousmeta.

Right on time, opening in July, here in Philly

The National Constitution Center opens in Philadelphia July 4th. It describes itself as “an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit organization dedicated to increasing public understanding of, and appreciation for, the Constitution, its history, and its contemporary relevance, through an interactive, interpretive facility within Independence National Historical Park and a program of national outreach, so that We the People may better secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

Not a day too soon. I’m sure it will become an important Philadelphia landmark and destination. The website even shows promise: Tools to register to vote, and educational resources.

See the Democratic Party presidential debate?

No? Didn’t think so. If you didn’t then ABCNews will let you view it for a monthly fee. Otherwise you may catch it on CSPAN. Here is a related Metafilter thread.

It was educational. While I liked what I heard, I only saw one candidate *look* presidential – and that was Gephardt, who, btw, I don’t think stands a chance. Sen. John Edwards is inspiring, his personal story spoke to me, and he had much to say, but I’m not sold yet. The next few months will tell if he acquires the quality that made Gephardt seem presidential – that quiet confidence that controls the camera.

I could talk about the others, who in many ways were very impressive, but I don’t think they can beat President Bush. I’m not a political analyst, so it’s just my opinion, I maybe wrong. Hopefully I am. The coming months should be interesting.

Ya know… there is a reality show somewhere in here… (no not American Candidate. Something a little more behind the scenes…).

Gen. Wesley Clark and Gary Hart, please throw your hats into the ring and make this a race.

Update: Washington Post analysis: Debate Bares Democrats’ Great Divide. They need to get it together. Too much sniping at one another.