As Phillies Sell Hope, Their Fans Feel Pain

This NYTimes story touches a nerve don’t it?

hillies fans seem reluctant to use the word hope, and who can blame them? If Yeats was right when he wrote “Too long a sacrifice can make a stone of the heart,” then it’s no wonder Philadelphia sports fans are so often accused of having hearts of stone.

Philly fans, in their collective heart of hearts, always expect to lose, for the simple reason that their teams have always lost. In their unshakeable pessimism, they create a kind of Jungian collective paralysis that seems to infect their heroes in key moments. Like Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd in the climactic scene of “Ghostbusters,” they bring to life the very image that they fear the most.

In this year’s N.F.C. championship game, the sight of the heavily favored Eagles looking like a deer caught in headlights against the Tampa Bay Bucs is only the latest manifestation of sports’ longest ongoing nightmare.

Kerry reaches out to protestors

Boston Globe: Kerry says the US needs a…. Stupid choice in words if you ask me – I won’t repeat them. I find his criticism suspect since his voting record says otherwise. Nevertheless…

I ask as I did yesterday: Who will be louder? Will the left rally around him or will the right rip him to shreds?

Senator Kerry has a higher profile the Congressman Kucinich. Will this be ignored as well?

Speaking of candidates, Atrios attended a Howard Dean meetup. Read the thread. Dean’s organization get’s the Internet judging by the posts.

Update 4/6/2003: Kerry responds to his critics and it looks like his stand is starting to get noticed.

A Congressman speaks

U.S. Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich has taken a stand.

Who will be louder in response? Voices of support or the chorus that is sure to come down on him?

Update: A day later I have my answer. Neither side appears to have responded at all.

Update: Humph… Gary Hart ignored as well.