Monthly Archives: January 2007

Placeblogger launches

Placeblogger, an effort by The Center for Citizen Media, Pressthink, and Lisa William’s H20town launched on New Years. It’s focussed on sharing with you blogs that cover a geographical region. I believe this will grow to be an important service over time. And I gotta admit – it is great to see so many ideas expressed from Philly Future adopted in a national effort. (disclaimer – they might make me an honorary adviser due to influence). Read Pressthink for more.

RawSugar in trouble

RawSugar, a service that has been compared as a competitor, but in actuality had a number of great differentiating features, is in funding trouble. My friend Bill Lazar has some to say about this, as a do a few folks like Steve Rubel.

RawSugar isn’t dead, nor does it deserve to be. One feature it has – the capability to consume and coalesce your personal content streams and tag them – is one that I feel should be adopted by other social media. I was planning to figure out how to leverage it – finally – when the news broke over the holiday. Notice my experimenting with in my right hand menu.

RawSugar, to me, is a victim of two things: 1. A UI that hides the good stuff. It’s front door is little more than a pitch/splash page when it should surface the activity taking place within. 2. A lack of attention in the online press – grassroots and otherwise. No matter what anyone says – there is only so much attention to go around and only a few people who have direct influence over it. Without their attention influence as a help – it takes a groundswell approach – vast numbers of those with lessor influence – helping spread word. It’s possible. But far more difficult. Hence the demand to get noticed by blogs like Techcrunch. Being labeled too easily as a “” competitor – unfairly since it has a host of differentiators – didn’t help either.

I hope they get some funding. In the meantime, Bill is up for some new opportunities.