Interesting Programming Reads

Blog at Java, Python and defaults – Sure is true enough.

Code To Joy: Open-Source group announces jJavaM – It was an April fools, but a good one for the sarcasm.

Python-by-example – Will come in handy.

Better Programming With Java EE: A Conversation With Java Champion Adam Bien
– Dispels some myths.

An Army of Solipsists: Blog Archive: Using Spring MVC Controllers in Grails – Might come in handy if I ever get around to experimenting with Grails.

Anil Dash: Atom Wins: The Unified Cloud Database API: “I want every program that thinks of itself today as a “blogging client” to reimagine their market as being a front-end to a database in the cloud. I want all the apps built on smart database abstractions to think about this new unified cloud API as an option they must support. And most of all, I want geeks to make something cool with this that we couldn’t do before.”

Hosting Java Web Applications: Why Is It Still So Hard? | Javalobby

John Wilson: Groovy and XML | Groovy Zone