I Upgraded to Movable Type 4.1 Open Source

I’m happy I finally got around to upgrading my personal blog to the latest and greatest Movable Type. It’s clear that open sourcing the software has been good for SixApart and that MT can again be considered a viable alternative to other blogging platforms like WordPress.

People at work like to ask me what blogging platform ‘is the best’. Honestly, after working with so many over the years, I have trouble identifying that. Feature for feature, you can make one do what the other does.

Someday I’ll put together a matrix that highlights the real differentiators as far as I am concerned, but I do have a shortlist I can share if I was doing a project as a consultant: Drupal, Movable Type, WordPress, and rolling something new with Django.

MT has a new beta release coming out with a few features I am looking forward to.