A new CMS to watch?

Armstrong is a new open source CMS in development, based upon Django, and funded by the Knight Foundation.

There is a recent piece about Armstrong posted at The Nieman Journalism Lab with a good thread questioning the need and the backing technology since other options exist. I think the more experimentation in this space the better because as Rafe Colburn has rightly said, “Content management is still an unsolved problem”. Rafe ruminates that, “For some reason, finding an adequate balance between usability, flexibility, and performance is nearly impossible.”, and it can seem that way if you are shooting at a fixed target. Anyone who has worked on a CMS project has felt this way. I certainly have from time to time. The trick is to have a solution that not only meets your needs, but can evolve as those targets shift, and educating those involved that it is a part of a larger ecosystem where evolution is a feature and not a bug.

2 thoughts on “A new CMS to watch?

  1. I think they are gearing up a repo and a project.

    I gotta send them an email and ask when folks can get a look at this and possibly contribute.

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