A Blogging History Worth Reading?

I’m really looking forward to reading Scott Rosenberg’s “Say Everything”.

I’m sure “Say Everything” will be a book I can share with others (which I do with “Dreaming in Code”) to provide them insight into why I do some of the things I do and why I get so damn passionate about them.

Writing a book on blogging’s history and how it related to the Web, Internet, and society is a difficult task. Based upon excerpts I’ve read so far, Rafe’s review of the first half, and reading his fantastic “Dreaming in Code”, I know this book is going to be terrific and insightful.

Speaking of blogging, I got to agree with Rafe – the most awesome thing about blogging *is* “corresponding with so many of the people I met through blogging back then here, on Twitter, and elsewhere.”.


Thank you Web.