Eight web development and programming links for today

Ted Dziuba – I’m Going To Scale My Foot Up Your Ass (via Comcaster Mr. Mat Schaffer): “If You Haven’t Discussed Capacity Planning, You Can’t Discuss Scalability” (Bingo!)

High Scalability: Flickr Architecture

Gustavo Duarte – Lucky to be a Programmer: “This analytical side is what most people associate with programming. It does make it interesting, like a complex strategy game. But in most software the primary challenge is communication: with fellow programmers via code and with users via interfaces. By and large, writing code is more essay than puzzle. It is shaping your ideas and schemes into a coherent body; it is seeking clarity, simplicity and conciseness. Both code and interfaces abound with the simple joy of creation.”

TechCrunchIT: : “Geeks and enthusiasts wearing WordPress t-shirts, using laptops covered in Data Portability, Microformats and RSS stickers lined up enthusiastically on Friday to purchase a device that is completely proprietary, controlled and wrapped in DRM.”

Shelley Powers: Painting the Web now DRM Free and on Kindle (Congrats!)

Spartan Programming: SendAnEmail case study (print it out!)

Official Google Blog: Our Googley advice to students: Major in learning

BitWorking: Python isn’t just Java without the compile

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  1. I don’t speak for Comcast, however, I have been told Comcast is aware and working on it.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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