Had the 2nd of 2 epidurals last night

So far so good. The last steroid injection, taken back April 2nd, was a tremendous success. Whereas the three I received last year had benefits that were tenuous and short lasting these seem to be helping me progress towards a place that is kinda back where I was before the injury happened. Monday and Tuesday I had taken walks of up to five blocks with leg pain that was barely noticeable. My lunch breaks were not wracked with leg pain. It was a joy. While my back pain doesn’t seem to be subsiding, it’s my leg pain that concerns me, what has been limiting my outdoors activities so much this past year and a half. The back pain is manageable with good body mechanics, getting up and about every hour, exercise, good diet, good ergonomics at work and at home (it is at home that I need to correct things – at work my workstation is simple, but gets the job done).

I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but I am looking forward to strapping my guitar back on and inviting my friends over to hang out. Not only that, but to socialize in the flesh again. Most important – just taking long walks with Emma and Richelle, going to the zoo, going down the shore, maybe even a few family trips that I have been avoiding because of pain and not wanting to be a drag.

3 thoughts on “Had the 2nd of 2 epidurals last night

  1. I hope it does work for you, Karl. You should be able to do all the things you want to do.

  2. thx. things could be far worst, but the past year or so I’ve needed to seriously moderate my time – that means working on Philly Future, experimenting with social media and technology, non profit work, any band efforts, even hanging out with friends, have taken serious hits as far as time is concerned as I conserve my strength for my day job and for home. cronic pain is pretty tiring. I’m still very thankful for what I’ve been able to do however. Hopefully things will come around.

  3. Awesome dude, I am actually starting a up another cover band, so whenever you feel up to it, feel free to come by and shake some rust off!!!

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