It’s a sad day as Shelley Powers closes down her home on the web to concentrate on other projects. Her blog was host to some of the best online conversations I’ve ever participated in. The people who connected there were smart, passionate, and rarity of rarities in a single online community – diverse. You could get in a heated argument about any number of aspects about online media and respect would still be kept by those conversing. For me, the only place that came close to that experience were Salon’s Table Talk in its early days (before it went behind the pay wall).

I’m looking forward to what comes next Shelley, but I will miss Burningbird.

And congrats to Anil Dash who is celebrating five years at SixApart. The company has made tremendous changes these past six or so months, basically it’s been reborn, without loosing a step. And there is a lot to admire there.

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