Flex, Flash, and Comcast Interactive Media’s Fan 4.0 Alpha

The team I belong to at Comcast, Comcast Interactive Media, released an alpha version of our video player, The Fan, this week.

You can give it a try here. If I say so myself, it’s pretty sweet.

While more information is available on its official cimLabs page, including links to give feedback, I’d like to point you towards one of its developers, Arpit Mathur, and his blog entry about it.

This version of The Fan was built with Adobe’s Flex and Arpit has a lot to share about the project. Feel free to leave a comment and tell him what you think.

As Arpit mentions, we’re on the lookout for Flash developers. But there’s more to the CIM story than Flash. In fact, the development stack we use at CIM resembles what Bruce Eckel proposed in a piece called “Hybridizing Java” on Artima a while back. We are looking for experienced Web developers of all stripes to join us. Check out cimLife for more.


Arpit’s post about the new version of the Fan is earning some buzz.

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Aaron Held, my manager at CIM, checks in with more about Flash, Java, and The Fan.


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  1. Nice work, Karl! I’m super impressed with this new player – it’s fast, stable, and the video quality is impressive!

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