Never say “last bad news for a while”

You’re not going to believe this, I’m still laughing at the irony, but last Thursday, while walking to the train station from my first physical rehabilitation session – I fell down six or steps – and chipped my right lateral cunieform – a bone on the top of my right foot!

It’s a small chip and my orthopedist said I should be safe to put weight on it, if I can handle the pain, which I can. But damn man. That’s just too friggin’ ironic.

On a far lighter note, we’re looking forward to Emma’s first birthday next month. Just a couple weeks away. We have a small house, so the party will be just family, but it will be a great day. I gotta post some new pictures. You should see her walking technique – it looks like a martial arts stance 🙂

One thought on “Never say “last bad news for a while”

  1. Sorry to hear that. Kinds sucks.

    Just to add a bit more irony to your irony, a friend of mine did a similar thing years ago. He broke his leg in a motorcycle accident and, once it had more or less healed and he was able to walk again was also doing the rehab thing on it and was walking to the center (walking to excercise the leg), and he tripped and broke his wrist. He was unimpressed. 🙂

    hope the party goes/went well. 🙂

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