Get all the tech news you need in 5, not 20 minutes, every day

Nick Douglas, at Valleywag has a concise list of services to visit to get a daily dose of tech/social software/media business news. He suggests using a feed reader to save time if you’re so inclined.

Here goes a simpler suggestion – visit and

There you will be able to scan the latest stories published by the services Nick Douglas mentions (except for Paul Kedrosky – bookmark him or subscribe), plus those of many more.

And it will take you less than 5 minutes.

Publishers of tech biz-news news have embraced RSS and Google, and have adapted their writing styles to suit. This has created the opportunity for services like OriginalSignal and Popurls to coalesce conversation in this niche and provide useful filters for news and information flowing around it.

There are *only two* reasons to visit tech biz-news services when simple views into whats being talked about on them – right now – like OriginalSignal – exist: to read the rest of stories that catch your interest (not as necessary since most follow a terse, fact based/keyword rich headline/lede style to improve their their standing in search engines), and to participate in related discussion threads.

OriginalSignal and PopUrls provide a convenient front door for both purposes.

It’s a blessing for consumers of this kind of news and information. I wonder how publishers plan to make money if services like OriginalSignal and Popurls proliferate.

So save yourself the time spent following separate tech-biz news services and spend that time being creative.