Hopefully the last bad news for a while

I’ve been handling pain associated with my isthmic Spondylolisthesis for many, many years years now. Back in 2005 I did some physical rehabilitation to strengthen my torso muscles. Since then I’ve inconsistently kept an exercise routine that has more or less, kept my pain level at a “2” or “3” on a scale of 1 to 10. Every once and a while I’d fall off the exercise bandwagon and pain levels would increase to around “6”.

Last November the pain I feel started to sometimes increase near an unbearable point, accompanied by a shooting pain down my left leg. My friends and family really couldn’t notice a difference in me, since I’m so good at mentally managing it. I figured the increase in pain was due to Emma getting older and me needing to learn better techniques to pick her up, or stand while changing her. But I scheduled a MRI over the holiday break, just in case.

It turns out I have a massive herniated disk. Same two vertebrae affected by the Spondylolisthesis, L4 and L5. Hard to know how long I’ve had it. Probably earned it sometime in November. The good news is that the doctor feels that since my pain level is variable, and not constant, that I look much better than my MRI suggests, going back to physical therapy might just do the trick.

I think the NovaCare center I’ll be going to has a pool. I think I’m going to take the time to learn how to swim.

5 thoughts on “Hopefully the last bad news for a while

  1. Damn Karl, when we talked about you making a disc (CD)years ago, that wasn’t the one I thought you’d create.

    Good luck with the rehab. Nova is the best.


    – Neo

  2. Hey Karl..not good news from the MRI at all..my sister has two herniated discs and it is a lifelong struggle..go to the gym..strengthen your core..swim..take your pain meds when u need them..maybe your back will improve..be consistent..even though your going to want to go home right after work to see shell and emma..i would too..haha..stay strong..love u..cindy

  3. Karl,

    Best of luck with the herniated disk. Personal experience: NO FU! Please, if it ever gets to this point, it may sound silly at first but before surgery I suggest considering acupuncture along with physical therapy. It helped my herniated neck disk. Also consider a pillow I invented that alleviates my disk problem when the pain reappears. Lying on my back or facedown it corrects the herniation and alleviates the pain. It helps people with back pain also. It is strange but it works wonders. Good luck, Bob http://www.SquidFace.com

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