Stephen Colbert White House Correspondents Dinner BitTorrent

Download a high quality version here. Colbert’s piece begins at 0:52:10. 625 Seeders and 1677 Leechers so far. Wow. This will be remembered for a long, long time.

My thoughts: the negative reaction coming from many on the pro-Bush bandwagon is, unfortunately, par for the course these days�as is the celebration of Bush�s �bravery,� especially when there are no real consequences for engaging in meanspirited political humor other than, say, being thought a dick.

Politically, I think it�s fair to observe that we�ve reached that point of partisan purity wherein a certain activist segment of the American Right has decided, en masse, to pretend to believe a whole number of things that are objectively false (including, in this case, Bush�s genius)�and they have decided to do so in order to build consensus and then use groupthink as a political bludgeon, even it comes at the expense of their integrity and intellectual honesty.

Ends justify the means, man. Ends justify the means�

And yes, these three paragraphs are a complete reversal of Jeff Goldstein‘s words, simply replacing “fawning” for “negative”, “Bush” for “Colbert” and “Right” for “Left’.

I need to write a bookmarklet that anyone can use on any blog post by those that follow their party no matter where it goes, even if it’s off a cliff, fighting to defend its brand over facing reality.