Alice Cooper for Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame

Rock n’ Roll shouldn’t have a hall of fame. It just shouldn’t. Official ‘recognition’ of Rock artists devalues and degrades the core of what Rock is all about. Now getting past that, since there is a “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”, the fact that Alice Cooper isn’t in it, just goes to show just how broken it is.

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6 thoughts on “Alice Cooper for Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame

  1. Alice should havee been in the Hall way before a lot of those bands ever were.

  2. Does Alice have to die to make it in the HOF?
    The founder of Shock Rock and creator of so many great Rock hits deserves to be in The Rock Hall of fame.

  3. He must be> cuz he was here before KISS was invine big. He in vented shock-rock! he was the first one to put theaeter with Rock n’ roll.

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