Thursday morning bits

Let me second Jeneane Sessum in offering well wishes and good luck to Shelley Powers who is about to be deployed by the Red Cross to points unknown to people who need help. Like Jeneane, I am very proud to know Shelley (well online at least :)). She’s taking the compassion she shares online to help in the most direct way possible. It takes guts and heart.

Matt Raible continues his evaluation of open source CMSes and centers in on Joomla and Drupal/CivicSpace.

Jeremy Zawodny writes about how three year plans at Internet companies are a bit of a stretch and links to a great presentation on planing and design by Adam Bosworth.

Rollyo lets you roll your own search engine, and the results, I think, exemplify the utility of a Memeorandum seeded with a specific set of feeds. Rollyo looks like to be another great webservice. One to watch (and to use!). In fact, a long, long time ago, hosted a search engine – Philly Finder – that was seeded with only high quality sites reviewed by its editorial staff – I miss that search engine. RSS search at Philly Future will solve a similar problem once I have it up and running.

Corruption surrounds White House and GOP leaders this week. First David Safavian, President Bush’s top procurement official – was arrested. Now, in what will overshaddow that news Tom Delay is indicted in the Texas Finance Probe. From the comments comes a link to the Smoking Gun and the actual bill of indictment.

An officer seeks clarity in codes of conduct for the handling of prisoners – and is attacked (Rumsfeld was heard to have said “Either break him or destroy him, and do it quickly.”). via Read his letter to Sen. John McCain.

And now for something more lighthearted – read Neil Gaiman and Joss Whedon’s interview in Time.