Friday break

Check out a great review of Serenity. Can’t wait to see it this weekend. Another movie to see will be Roman Polanski’s version of Oliver Twist: Like Oliver, Polanski said he knows what it’s like “to walk for kilometers without socks in boots with bloody feet.” “Above all, I knew that the worst thing isn’t a hard bed or hunger, but having no parents,” he said.

What’s discussed when a number of influential bloggers have a meeting with big media execs: Jay Rosen has a summary.

Wall Street’s revenue pressure is killing newspapers while Yahoo! is hiring journalists. Sad isn’t it?

From Jeneane Sessum comes news of Netsquared – a blog focused on growing web-based nonprofit communities. Just my cup of tea.

Interesting Web 2.0 related posts: thesocialsoftwareweblog: “Approaching a definition of Web 2.0”, Bokardo: “Web 2.0 as the Era of Interfaces, Redux”, Read/Write Web: “Web 2.0 is really about normal everyday people using the Web and creating things on it – forget the acronyms”.

RateMyProfessors has caught the attention of university staffs, and they aren’t happy (Wired). How about Really! I mean it.

As if on cue the Right is attempting to slander Ronnie Earle, the prosecutor who brought Tom Delay’s indictment. Earle has prosecuted four times as many Democrats as Republicans. That sound partisan to you?

Speaking of which, even while having unprecedented one party rule over the House, the Senate, the Executive, and now the Supreme Court, the GOP is having a bad year. The Democrats, however, apparently want to lose (Oliver Willis).

And for something completely different: Death and the Iron Maidens.