Wednesday bits.. is it Wednesday?

If you do anything online today, make some time for Dick Hardt’s Identity 2.0 presentation at OSCON. Thought provoking and spot on.

Browse. Search. Subscribe.:Damn straight Dave. Damn straight. There have been solutions talked about, but none have taken hold. It’s a problem that still stands begging to be solved.

Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone, Yahoo!’s first original content effort, has launched. But where’s the RSS?

Philadelphia Magazine trashes the Philadelphia blogosphere and its successful efforts to raise awareness of LaToyia Figueroa. Read Richard Cranium’s response and Will Bunch’s rebuttal.

Decline in male college attendance is a serious national problem. – but no one is talking about it. How about instead of blaming efforts to improve women education we look at the effects of poverty and culture on today’s men? Nah.. this will probably denigrate into a blame fest and so it sits as a growing problem.

Daily Kos and Atrios miss Media Whores Online. Pre$$titute$ is a good alternative, but what I miss is the late, great, Spinsanity – nothing came close to providing clarity in the muck. just doesn’t have the bite and is less effective.

Google is preparing a move into classifieds search. If I was working at CareerBuilder – I’d be worried – “Commercial classifieds sites such as CareerBuilder, and others have to weigh the additional audience Google could deliver against the potential loss of revenue. Analysts, including us, predict that advertisers will move to free sites if they become convinced that they will reach an audience as large – or larger – on a search engine than on a paid advertising site.”

LiveJournal has added a feature that lets you navigate communities by school. It gets slagged at Metafilter but I think this feature is very cool.

ProgrammableWeb has a cool matrix up of Web 2.0 mashup apps. Check it out.

The church-state barrier has taken some major hits this past week – House OKs Faith As Head Start Hiring Issue and FEMA Plans to Reimburse Faith Groups for Aid. Richard at the All Spin Zone isn’t optimistic.

Raleigh NY is having success improving public education by using integration by income. More at A Little Urbanity. via Ed Cone.

Garret points to an interesting article (and site for the bookmarks) Urban Food Production: Evolution, Official Support and Significance. He comments that with such a current emphasis on ‘self reliance’ and events like Katrina showing that we are – indeed – on our own – you should see more links out there like this one.

Speaking of self-reliance, no matter what folks might think, it’s hard to have good teeth without health insurance or good health insurance that provides for regular dentist visits. Jeneane Sussum is wondering if America is setting itself up to be a nation of people with crappy smiles…So we let go what we have to let go. Our teeth. And we make due. And we’re glad if we can just make our health insurance premiums every month. And those of us who once wouldn’t be seen without perfect enamel and every six month cleanings smile a little less often these days…. The New Yorker, in stomach twisting piece would seem to agree.

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