Thank you Pat and Fred (oh and Ann – you do wonders for our country’s unity!)

I’ve been trying to tune this out, but can’t since the media isn’t going after this with appropriate gusto. I just have a few things to say to Pat and Fred…

Thank you Pat for making it so easy for me to continue to look like a hypocrite for being a Christian and an American. Thanks. Doesn’t matter if you apologized. Too late to take something like that back with a little “well…I’m sorry”.

Check out GlobalVoices for reactions across the world to your extremism.

And ya know you might have even broken a Federal law. But I doubt charges will be filed.

And Fred, yes you Fred Phelps, thanks for helping Pat in spreading extremism off shore. If you didn’t know my good readers, he’s gone off to Sweden to threaten their God-less king and damn them to an eternity in hell. No really. Click the link.

So we’re we’re making progress. Soon it will be 1589 and all will be well. Either that or we do what Errol Lewis in the New York Daily News suggests:

Robertson isn’t alone in steering political discourse toward violence. In 2003, conservative pundit Ann Coulter told The New York Observer that “my only regret with Timothy McVeigh [the terrorist who killed 168 people in Oklahoma City] is he did not go to The New York Times building.”

We need to reclaim American politics from these extremists, who think it’s okay to call for assassinations and the bombing of newspapers and government agencies. Responsible leaders of both parties must find their tongues and quit looking the other way as the Robertsons of the right wing spread their poison in the land.

Dan Gillmor has been calling conservative bloggers out to comment on this – but he’ll be disappointed. If they do, they will dismiss Robertson’s influence and status in America. They will say he is nothing but an old crock. Oh it looks like the Daily Show has already borne that out with TV’s unbiased punditry.

And speaking of Ann Coulter (this is the first time I’ve mentioned her on this blog – and I hope never to do again), did you know she actually suggested New Yorkers are cowards? I know many New Yorkers. They are the ONLY folks I know that compare to Philadelphians in terms of being tough.

The HuffingtonPost has put out a call for New Yorkers to share their 9/11 story here. The brave firemen, policemen, EMTs of New York have been slandered. More here and here.

She’s one of a growing chorus of opportunists that seek to divide the country for their own gain. She knows her fan base – Southerners – and plays to it very well. Check out the link and watch the video. A sad eye opener.