August Philly Bloggers Meetup was terrific

This month’s meetup was great. We had real turnout and I was a little awestruck at the chance to meet so many great folks I have known online.

The regional meetup has grown steadily and now I hope we’ve finally reached our tipping point – where folks will realize we’re not such a scary group and decide to take a chance and come on out to have a few chicken fingers (or wings) and a few beers. Get to know one another. Maybe even make a few friends.

Scott (our event czar) posted a list of bloggers who came on out. Mixed among them were a couple of folks who don’t blog and were just curious – and that was awesome. I hope they got a chance to get to know some of the community. Make sure to check out Scott’s list and find what everyone else had to say of the day.

Thank you everyone for coming out. Here’s to growing our community, connecting, and to new friendships.

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