7 thoughts on “Spread the word: August Bloggers Meetup Tomorrow

  1. Are you going Karl?

    If the beer’s cold and you pick me up. I might be interested in hanging out with fellow netizens.

    Lemme know.

  2. I normally go down via SEPTA. Sometimes I have a few drinks.

    Today is especially complicated since we have band practice afterwards, and before I have a meeting to attend to. Still – it would be great to see you there sometime.

  3. Uh…. Ok…

    So what do you wanna do?

    It’s about 10:30am here. If your’re hoping up through SEPTA we could hop the same bus down?

    Lemme know, I’ll check up in a few to see what’s up.

  4. I’ll be taking the R8 train early to catch my meeting down there. So there is really no way to ride together this time. If it wasn’t for the meeting – I’d make arrangements. But I can’t skip the meeting.

    Still would like to see you down there though. Hopefully we’ll have a good turn out.

  5. Ah, ok.

    Well whatever. You’re like a quarter mile from me.

    Guess I’ll stay home and ball with madden online.

  6. It’s not that its a hassle getting ya – its that I have a meeting before the blogger get together. A two hour meeting.

    Next time dude 🙂

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