CMS and Presentation Systems talks about what Presentation Systems are and what their responsibilities could be in an environment where the CMS is no longer a single system, but an ecosystem in “The Post-CMS CMS”. It’s a great post, and reminds me of how we’ve defined the role presentation systems play in our solution stack. (via @SeanBlanda)

Sean Blanda, in a related post says, “If all you want is a CMS, you’re doing it wrong”.

Matt Thompson, in a fantastic Poynter piece, “4 ways content management systems are evolving & why it matters to journalists”, specifically calls out how “Journalism is moving from ‘content management systems’ to “content management ecosystems”. Check out the comment thread.

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  2. web CMS was designed to meet the needs of real business people. It was not designed by developers for other developers like the open source systems available and it was not based on somebody’s perception of what business needed, based on their own experience

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