My first interview, “Huey & the Banjo”

Last week I took part in a project that led me to help interview a large group of great co-workers and friends at CIM. To get some practice, I stopped by Suburban Station to interview one of the musicians who play there and was in luck when I found Huey & the Banjo. Here is the interview, plus some performances:

YouTube: “Huey & the Banjo 7.27.2010”

For more information on Huey & the Banjo, you can contact him at hustonwest at live dot com

1 thought on “My first interview, “Huey & the Banjo”

  1. “Designated Performance Area.” Something about that sign makes me want to rip it off the pillar!

    Man… I find that quite sad. I remember being down at the 15 Street platform and playing my guitar there while waiting for an El after playing bars down in Center City. Now you need a permit.

    It’s almost like they don’t want musicians to do anything anymore. Even singing while walking down the street could get you a fine. Huey seems to take it in stride. Must be hard to do with so many mindless people walking by like he isn’t even there. Nice acoustics underground. I’ve always wanted to record an EP just to have it in my archives.

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