A shocking source of TV news coverage of the oil leak?

G4 and Kevin Pereira: “BP Oil Spill Effect on Wildlife”.

G4, the games channel. Yes, the games channel!

This makes sense in a world where the most informative pieces of national news journalism are coming from a music magazine and nightly comedy show doesn’t it?

One thought on “A shocking source of TV news coverage of the oil leak?

  1. BP oil spill is a disaster—disasterthat I would compare as a domino effect. Coming up in a realization that something has not been addressed is dreadful. We need to stop this disaster as soon as possible. The ocean is the heart of the life of the earth. We must save it or the entire planet will be nothing more than an old fester lifeless world. This is the domino effect we should all fear more than the worst of wars or plagues of mankind. Moreover, when I hear the initials BP it is always gonna be synonymous with “only the worst oil spill disaster in the history of the world”. What they’ve been doing recently was so impractical and disappointing, one is that they are going to pay $20 billion to those drastically affected by the oil spill– what do they expect??no lives of those died creatures will be retrieve. Really, my hearts go out to all of the creatures silently suffering and dying from the BP oil spill.

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