Educational infographics, movies, and more on the economic crisis

USAToday: The 35 counties where the foreclosure crisis started.

Ever hear of Glass-Steagall? Well, maybe if we did, or understood its implications more widely when it was repealed in 1999, according to Boing Boing this crisis may have been averted.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized – an infographic movie!

Good: Making Sense of the Financial Mess – more interesting infographics.

PBS: The Ascent of Money – a fantastic movie that puts the management and meaning of money into context, to better understand the crisis.

Frontline: Inside the Meltdown – what was happening during the stock crash and aftermath? What where some of the policies that led up to it.

Frontline: Ten Trillian and Counting – on some of the fundamental issues the lie underneath the financial crisis.

Baseline Scenario: Financial Crisis for Beginners.

Jon Stewart’s confrontation with Jim Cramer.