Leg/Back Pain Update

I had a follow up at the University of Pennsylvania last Friday to discuss my progress.

My lower back pain symptoms has been unchanged, I still get a very hot pain while sitting, either happening immediately in unergonomic settings, or after an hour or so in ergonomic-correct settings.

My leg pain (only my left leg) begins after walking 3 or more blocks and progresses to a level 2 after five blocks, requiring me to stop walking and take a break for it to settle down. If I don’t the pain rapidly grows into something that incapacitates me.

The leg pain starts in me left hip, left knee, left shin almost simultaneously (I think the hip just slightly before the rest). Along with that is a growing tingle in my left big toe and a pressure on the top of my left ankle. Sometimes the tingle remains in the toe whether sitting, standing or walking. Most times all of these will subside when sitting down or leaning against a wall.

Unfortunately, the level 2 pain is a step back from the level 1 pain I felt earlier in the week (which was a level 5-8 pain before the first shot in this series), when I sounded so optimistic. I’m doing everything ‘right’ as far as I know. Eating well. Exercising. Watching posture and my body mechanics.

The doctor was encouraged by my progress. The leg pain/tingling used to come on earlier and far more strong. So he’s scheduled me for two more Selective Nerve Root Block injections.

I don’t mind the back pain. Don’t care that much about it at all. Getting up every hour to relieve it is good for for me. But the leg pain continues to be a drag on so much.

Gotta keep on trucking. Things could be far worst.

2 thoughts on “Leg/Back Pain Update

  1. Dear Karl: It sounds like you may have nerve root impingement at level L5 and/or S1 of the lumbar spine. I have a back injury, and I experience those same exact symptoms. In my case, I had an undiagnosed herniated disc at level L5/S1 for over 3 years. I had surgery, but since the nerve irritation had gone on so long, I now have permanent nerve damage. Please heed my advice, and speak to a neurosurgeon right away! Get and MRI performed and maybe a Provocative Discography as well. I now live with pain (well, I don’t exactly live with the pain – it lives within me) every damn day of my life. I eventually had back surgery in 1999 at Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philly (BTW: I live just over The Ben in Cherry Hill), and had the disc removed from my back. Be well, my new friend!

  2. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m sorry yr going thru this.

    What kind of surgery did you get? Was it fusion or was it a laminectomy?

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