Emptied Bloglines account

On Friday, in a moment of either clarity…or something else… I removed all of my subscriptions from Bloglines. I had grown frustrated with my habit of checking a few times an hour for updates. I’ve mentioned before that Memeorandum is like crack. Well Bloglines is like cigarettes.

One thing I immediately miss is keeping up with my friends across the web. I feel partially disconnected. But at the same time, I’ve found myself more focused.

This isn’t an anti-RSS screed. I’m thinking there is something about Bloglines that, for me, makes it too easy to distract myself from what’s important.

So, what comes next…. hmmmmm….

6 thoughts on “Emptied Bloglines account

  1. This is why I use a desktop reader (SharpReader), which is only on my home computer, and Bloglines only for the few really useful to see at work.

  2. Thank you Bill. You might have an idea there that would work for me.

    Are you maintaining two subscription lists then?

  3. I’ve re-added everyone because there is just no way to keep up by visiting each and every site.

    I’ve previously divided feeds up into a few seperate folders, pretty much relating to work and not work. But that isn’t enough for me – I need a better filter counting upon what situation I find myself in.

  4. Well, not knowing if it would work for you Karl, I’d like to thank Bill for the SharpReader suggestion – I’m liking it quite a bit (just a little over 24 hours into trying it out).

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