In September 1985: Frank Zappa’s Letter to His Fan Club

In 1985 Frank Zappa sent a letter to his fan club to warn them about the “Wives of Big Brother” – the PMRC.

There is very much I agree with Democratic party on, but whenever some of its leaders find common cause with social conservatives, most likely in pursuit of middle America, it drives me to a place where I find both parties bereft of principal and unworthy of my vote. The 90s seemed to be a time we were past such things, even if I know people who didn’t vote for Al Gore because of Tipper Gore’s involvement in the PMRC. But the echoes in Hillary Clinton’s Family Entertainment Protection Act are too strong to ignore. The legislation Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Joe Lieberman and Senator Evan Bayh is sponsoring would fine the sale of labeled games – it does not propose labeling. No one would argue over the constitutionality of labeling these days. Our view of our constitutional rights has grown far narrower.

Following is Frank Zappa on Crossfire in 1986, debating censorship and rock music. It’s an eye opener. He called himself a conservative. Do you think he still would consider himself one since the fundamentalist wing of the Republican party holds so much sway? Since the non-invasive government, balanced budget, rule-of-law conservative is effectively extinct (they’re Democrats now)? For humor, the exchange between Washington Times columnist John Lofton and Frank Zappa over the “obscenity” of Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” is priceless. Or then again, you could find it depressing.

The exchange from 08:45 in the video to 11:40 is as timely today as it was in 1986. Zappa said that America was on a march toward a “fascist theocracy”. Well what do you think?


This exchange should speak to many locally involved folks I know:

Q: What would you tell a kid he aught to hope for now a-days Frank?

A: What I tell kids and what I’ve been telling kids for quite some time is first, register to vote, and second as soon as you’re old enough, run for something.

Damn straight. And that’s just what is taking place. Look out establishment.

More at Metafilter. Read the testimony committee testimony on record labeling from back in September 19, 1985.

8 thoughts on “In September 1985: Frank Zappa’s Letter to His Fan Club

  1. For what it’s worth, Frank was blisteringly hateful to the Reagan Republicans, even as he styled himself something of a small-government conservative. We can only imagine the uncharted levels of contempt he’d have for the Bush Republicans.

  2. Hating Bush is so clich�. Zappa was a conservative. If he were alive, he would be too smart to fall victim to liberal media propaganda. What you say about conservatism is kooky.

  3. Zappa was a pure Libertarian…Not Republican not conservative not democrat not liberal. He fell into a central area of a 2-D government description not the nowadays 1 dimensional right and left black and white bulls*&%…He believed every man has a right to do what he pleases…read the last couple chapters of The Real Frank Zappa Book (an autobiography…OH and the media is not liberal. Just because a truth comes out every now and again and it happens to be about a true crook president doesnt mean it’s one sided it means it sought the truth.

  4. I have a Frank Zappa poster (circa 1968) sitting on a comode facing the photographer but unlike any posted on different web sites.
    Anyone want it?

  5. >>Zappa was a pure Libertarian.

    Actually, Zappa thought libertarians were right on the brink of anarchists. He called himself a Practical Conservative. Whatever party affiliation that makes him, I don’t know, but I do know he has stated negative opinions of Libertarians (I think even in that book that YOU quote, maggot).

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