Might as well call it ‘WhiteAngloSaxonProtestantAmericaBlog’

Please. Please stop. Stop, stop, stop, stop hurting America. You are partisan… what do you call it…hacks.

The link is to the Washington Post’s new blog – ment to speak to just one segment of America’s population – its largest – in the WaPo’s quest to connect with the part of the nation it seeks the most sales, subscriptions, and click thrus from.

If the Washington Post ment to reach out to an underserved audience maybe it should have launched a blog with a focus on ‘BlackAmerica’ or ‘HispanicAmerica’, ‘JewishAmerica’, ‘MuslimAmerica’, ‘WomenAmerica’, ‘GayAmerica’ or ‘CatholicAmerica’?

‘CatholicAmerica’? Underserved? Gettoutta here you sneer. Hey – I’m Catholic. I feel underserved. I’m sure Steven Colbert would agree with me. It’s all about how I feel dammit.

Really though…. why not go for broke and focus on ‘WorkingClassAmerica’ or ‘WorkingRealJobsSoYouDontHaveToAmerica’? No one seems to give a shit about that demographic, Heaven’s sake.

What? Not enough hits you say? They’re too busy working to click and comment? Yeah. Fuck that. Better to serve up division – far better “heat” that way ya know – and will keep folks from thinking too deeply.

So we get something that might as well be named the ‘WhiteAngloSaxonProtestantAmericaBlog’. I don’t know. Maybe ‘OurAmericaRocksYoursDontBlog’, ‘WereTheMajorityGetUsedToItBlog’ or ‘WeRunTheCountrySoShutTheFuckUpYouTraitorsBlog’ fits better don’tchya think?

Good job on broadening the discourse WaPo. Good job.

See Jon Stewart let them have it on Crossfire for the reference.

Note: this post is obviously satirical in nature. But my disappointment is real.

Update: David Brock writes a letter to the Washington Post asking if there are plans to give a liberal blogger equal exposure. It’s a good letter that I agree with. Domenech isn’t simply a journalist ya know. But let’s not stop there. I want Libertarians, Independents, and the Green Party to have *their* operatives at WaPo.com too. Hey – on the web – there is no such thing as space. So much division to exploit – so little time.

7 thoughts on “Might as well call it ‘WhiteAngloSaxonProtestantAmericaBlog’

  1. I dunno if we Jews are an “underserved audience”, though.

    We are a mis-served and often mis-understood audience, to be sure. But I think the MSM serves us quite well — it’s just that they serve us Jews a bunch of crap … the same crap they serve up to everyone else.

  2. I have my own gripes with the new Red America blog–e.g., it only allows emailed comments, and some think it is to balance Milbank, which if true is ridiculous because he is a REPORTER not an opinion writer–but I’d disagree that this is part of the Post’s “never ending quest to connect with the part of the nation it seeks the most sales and subscriptions from.”

    Unlike the NYT and WSJ, the Post’s circulation is local, not national (and is hard to find as even close as Philly), AND unlike the NYT and WSJ provides a outstanding and FREE website at washingpost.com. So they may be trying to drum up some more “middle America” traffic to the site, but they’d only be getting indirect advertising revenues.

  3. Did you ever think that it looks “Partisan” to you because of where YOU live? Is Philadelphia not one of those Blue tax dollar eating machines?
    A city where there are more people working for the local county and state government than there are working in the private sector?
    If you look at the fact candidates endorsed by DKos are 0-19, perhaps you need to look at YOUR mindset.

    BTW, I’m a 49 y/o American Male of Polish ancestry, a Roman Catholic who couldn’t find a job in Buffalo NY after high school. Spent 20 years in the Navy and couldn’t find a job in Buffalo 20 years later. Now happily employed and paying low taxes in North Carolina, with about 20,000 of the 250,000 people who left that city to FIND WORK, and to escape punishing taxes.

    Perhaps you need to leave that Blue Enclave you live in, and see how things work in other parts of the country. You might find YOU are in the minority.

  4. The problem you have here, and what all liberal hacks have in regard to conservatives, is that you lump us into a corner of folks who AREN’T “working class,” or “gay,” or “African-American,” or “women,” or “Jewish,” or whoever. Somehow, we’re all rich, white, and something apart from everyone else in the country.

    Conservatism is not a class or group, it is an idealogy. It is a belief that you don’t have to be of any particular group to make it in this country, that we are all Americans, and we are all capable of experiencing being a citizen of this country equally.

    I think of what Dr. Martin Luther King taught regarding civil rights, and it wasn’t something that leaned on groups or race, but rather upon the American ideal that we are all created equal, and that we can live together as equals.

    Liberals, on the other hand, must constantly lean on divisions, grouping, and Balkinization. You talk about why the WAPO couldn’t have focused their attention on another group in this country, when you are lost as to the fact that conservatives do not see ourselves as a group or class. We do not see others in groups or classes either.

    We see AMERICANS. We see hope for anyone who has a dream and desire to be whatever and whoever they want to be. That is conservatism, and that is a fact that is lost to the MSM and liberal “blue staters.” You may not like it, and you’ll no-doubt try to cloud it with the usual accusations of “racism,” “homophobia,” and general bigotry, but that is precisely why a WAPO conservative blog is a necessity.

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