Some progress

The amount of fluid in mom’s chest has gone down a bit so her doctor has considered against doing a Thoracentesis. During both my and Dante’s last visits mom was smiling at times, even laughing (and then coughing) at our attempts to cheer her up. Mom has a terrific sense of humor. I don’t know where mine is – but her’s is very healthy! She confirmed with Dante that what she really wants right now is a coffee. Being awake, she was really upset when I had to leave – it was tough to go home. No progress so far in removing the tube. I will have another update from her doctor today before visiting.

One thought on “Some progress

  1. Karl, good to hear there is progress. It takes time. I felt the same way when my mom was in the hospital a few years back. There isn’t much you can do except pray and wait. She’ll come around. Just give her some time.


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