I Miss Playing Live

An admission: I play guitar and song write in a band named “My Brother’s Keeper”. I don’t talk about it much here – I’m shy what can I say?

About our name, “My Brother’s Keeper”: we are actually two sets of brothers. The drummer and bassist. Me and the singer. And no lie – both sets of brothers are brothers to each other. We are all family.

Last year “My Brother’s Keeper” was really starting to jell, we played two shows (one of which at The Sleeping Angels Music Fest) and even recorded a song in a semi-professional setting in the space of four months.

Then winter hit. Life intruded with some personal tragedies and people’s priorities change. I don’t think we’ve had a hand full of full band practices since last November.

For me this is still very important. I think my mental health requires playing guitar at loud volume with folks who have learned to play with me – as I have to play with them. There is a bond that forms unlike any other – I lack the words to describe it.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you our recording Second Chance. I think it shows off the potential of the band, given time to grow. A mix of hard rock, metal and punk. Hope you like it.

3 thoughts on “I Miss Playing Live

  1. Thanks man 🙂

    If the band ever had the material – I’d be posting mp3s all the time.

    Do you mean a general music blog on the region? We have a music section at Philly Future that could be an excellent one with enough folks posting stories too it 🙂

  2. Dude, you have way enough material… I mean how you write songs and the history behind them. Your readers would dig it, I’m sure… I come here to read about Karl more than I read about the world around him…

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