I have a lot to say about this post by Jeff Jarvis. That’s obvious from some of the comments I left there. Part of me is insulted by the massive generalization he laid out: “…the real issue isn’t homelessness. It’s insanity. The laws in this country make it impossible to commit and help even the obvioulsy and often the dangerously insane.”. The other part of me is relieved to see any discussion that trods (plods?) into these waters since discussion of the topic is so rare. And for many very raw.

1 thought on “Homeless

  1. It’s obvious that the people that write things like that about the homeless have never slept outside.

    It’s ok for them (the homeless) to be destitute as long as they don’t get in the way of “The Normal People.”

    When they were cleaning people’s windshields to try and earn a buck they got rid of them.

    Most people don’t realize that we are all about 1 paycheck away from being outdoors.

    It sickens me when I see the apathy and greedy throw rocks at those already sinking in the water.

    The guy was obviously trying to stay warm and not freeze to death. Those winds up in NY are brutal this time of year.

    Someone needs to look and see why the NY Transit system is so weak that one fire can set back the system for that long.

    I guess they don’t have fire alarms or sprinklers in their tunnels. Nice reassuring feeling when you on a train going in or out of there.

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