Anyone care to tell me who is better and why? I can see a distinct difference in who is using which. But why?

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  1. I use both. I combine the titles from blogrolling and the timestamps from to form my blogroll. There are some differences in the services they provide.

    * At blogrolling I can enter any site I want on my blogroll. only includes sites that ping it or the services it peers with

    * At blogrolling I can enter my own text for the blog title. At I have to take the title from the ping.

    * At blogrolling I can get the RSS for my blogroll as often as I want. At I can only get my blogroll RSS once per hour.

    * I find easier to search, since it only includes URLs that have pinged and filters out variants of /|/index.html|/index.php or whatever.

    * is the second choice for blogs to ping. is becoming increasingly unreliable, and some blogs no longer ping directly. However, now also accepts pings.

    * is a commerical service. Basic service is free, additional services are not. is free, and you can even view the php code.

    There are other differences, but those are the ones that matter to me.

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