R. W. Apple Jr. in the NYTimes: In Hoagieland, They Accept No Substitutes. The New York Times sampling Hoagies, Cheese Steaks, Scrapple, and Soft Pretzels! A good cheese steak or hoagie is usually just a delivery call away while a soft pretzel from any of the hundreds of street vendors across Center City (what we call downtown) can be bought with a soda. Good scrapple with two scrambled eggs from a diner is a my favorite breakfast. If I ever left Philly – you better believe I’d miss the food.

2 thoughts on “Hoagieland?

  1. It’s great reading about this from an outsider’s perspective. By the way, ordering protocol for cheesesteaks is “wid or wid-out” not with or without.

  2. And they had it on the frontpage of their site for a day 🙂 That was extra special. Surprised me. A great shot of Genos there!

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