Apple shoots itself in foot

This isn’t going to hurt your average iTunes user, but on the net – when you lose the geeks – you lose the buzz. Read the rest in this Slashdot thread.

2 thoughts on “Apple shoots itself in foot

  1. I don’t think this will lose the buzz all that much, as it was about the easily-purchased and -used downloads, which are still there.

    And the iTunes docs always said that sharing only worked within a subnet. This just implements it. If there’s an “oops”, it was in letting the product out the door too early.

    And Apple already gives you a very capable web server (Apache), FTP server, Windows file sharing (Samba), and their own AppleShare. That’s four other ways you can inflict your musical tastes on the world, not counting whatever third-party apps provide, P2P or otherwise.

    But hey, I read Slashdot with the score set at 5, so what do I know?

  2. True. I don’t think it’s a radical change at for Apple to make to the system. But the spin on it is that they are turning the screws on their users. The spin becomes the truth.

    You gotta turn down that setting to get the spin man ! 🙂

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