Apple gets it

The iTunes Music Store is launching with a library of 200,000 tracks, with participation from all five of the major record labels. In addition, the store will list exclusive tracks from 20 artists, including Bob Dylan and U2.

The songs cost 99 cents to download, with no subscription fee, and include the most liberal copying rights of any online service to date.

CNET: Apple unveils music store. Look’s like my wife’s iBook just became more valuable to me 🙂 I wonder if they will open this service to independent artists? Maybe at a special rate?

Update: Salon: I have seen the future of music and it is iTunes.

One thought on “Apple gets it

  1. “I wonder if they will open this service to independent artists?”

    I believe CD Baby offer a digital distribution service that places independent music in the itunes store. I also think digital distribution services like apple iTunes offer a bright future for independent music, if the major label choke hold can be broken on online distribution. started out as a bastion of independent music but but was eventually swallowed up by Vivendi Universal.

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