Avengers Assemble!

Let me urge the Dem webloggers on my blogroll to link to one another more often.

Oliver Willis, Eschaton, Rittenhouse, rc3.org, dangerousmeta, BillSaysThis, Jonathon Delacour, Burningbird, PageCount.

Actually – the last three already do. They cross-blog like crazy. But my associates at the top sometimes miss each other’s good works. Republicans seem more likely to link to one another. Is there proof of that somewhere? I’m just making a personal (unfounded) observation without analyzing any data. Nevertheless…

And if you are reading my site scratching your head about the sites above… well.. visit them! Not your average ordinary bears.

3 thoughts on “Avengers Assemble!

  1. I don’t know, Karl, I read over a bunch of the sites you linked and nothing that I really wanted to ‘converse’ about struck me on any of them. Plus, you are overestimating just how far I lean in that direction. I despise Bush but am not particularly anti-war with Iraq, for an example.

  2. Actually, that’s one of the reasons why I grouped yas together in this post. You each have interesting takes on similar themes – if far different opinions. For example PageCount is a straight up far-far-leftie anti-war site. OliverWillis on the other hand is far more balanced – like yourself – and doen’t self-hate like so many – but just wants a common sense approach. He want’s Bin Laden’s head – as does myself. I can’t really tell if Delacour is pro or anti war with Iraq, but man does he get you thinking…

    Well I could go on. It’s because of the differences amoungst you that I think some cross blogging could be mind blowing.

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